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Decorative Architectural Films give unmatched value for your interior architectural surface projects.   This type of finish can be a fraction of the costly natural materials and you simply can't tell the difference.

​Decorative Architectural Films install much faster than conventional natural materials therefore greatly reducing labor costs; and by covering existing substrates you can drastically reduce your demolition costs for your project.

Decorative Architectural Films projects require fewer steps and take less time.   Installations can be done without closing your facility and adhere to existing substrates eliminating the mess of demolition, waste removal and normally are completed without dust or noise.

You can create a whole new look quickly and inexpensively with Decorative Architectural Films.

Decorative Architectural Films can transform any surface to create a stunning visual appearance.  Exotic natural materials can be easily replicated with these commercial grade finishes.

Decorative Architectural Films removes all the barriers to your design imagination. The wood grains, leathers, stones and metals stand out by their 3D textures and appealing aesthetic quality.  These finishes may be the best-kept secret in the A & D Industry.





Ceilings & Soffits


A great location for these finishes are ceilings and soffits.   These lightweight finishes install easily and economically in areas that can't support heavy natural materials like wood & stone.

Door Resurfacing


Renew worn old finishes on your doors quickly with a new affordable architectural film.

Wall Panel Systems


These finishes can add charm to both traditional and contemporary areas.  Wood films create a calming and powerful mood when used in a professional environment and can easily be cleaned and repaired unlike real wood.    All wall panel systems can be uniquely customized.

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